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About Sequanta

Sequanta Technologies is a leading multi-omics research and clinical service provider in China, focusing on genomics, proteomics and related services to support pharmaceutical clients in biomarker discovery and clinical trials. Sequanta provides various types of assays validated by research standard and CAP standard, which include qPCR, NGS and protein biomarker detection assays. We provide regular or customized multi-omics assays including FoundationOne CDx, Illumina TSO500 assay for tissue and ctDNA, 10x Genomics single cell solution, Olink Target 96 QPCR, Olink Explore 1536 panel on NovaSeq, meta-genome NGS, mRNA sequencing, smRNA sequencing, whole genome sequencing, exome sequencing, etc. 


Our Quality Guarantee

Sequanta set up the first genomics laboratory accredited by CLIA, CAP and ISO15189 in China.


Our Mission

Sequanta is a biotechnology company focused on providing tools and services for clinical research applications of genomics. Our mission is to unlock the power of precision medicine in improving drug discovery by providing a technology platform to advance genomics and facilitate collaborative research.

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