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Ordering logistics

Our dedicated project management team works with the customers through the entire life span of the project. The standard customer engagement begins with initial qualification to understand your requirements and timelines followed by consultation with our scientific team to discuss crucial elements such as assay design, bioinformatic needs, target population, specimen requirements, deliverable, etc. Based on the outcome of discussion, our project management team drafts a study plan to be followed by our lab staff to ensure that we meet the standards and criteria set-forth by the client.

New Projects
Please email us your project details at Our team will reach out to you to initiate project set-up and go over details and logistics.

Existing Projects
Please follow the specimen shipment guidelines provided by Sequanta to ship samples along with proper documentation needed to process those specimens. Please reach out to your designated Sequanta Project Manager if you have any questions

Specimen Requirements
For tests offered by Sequanta, please follow the specimen requirements for that specific test in our Test Catalog or in the Sequanta study operations plan for the project.

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