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Let us help you make your dreams a reality.


Sequanta can provide cost-effective NGS services ranging from data generation for basic research to clinical testing for highly regulated studies at various stages in clinical trials.

Our dedicated project management team works with the customers through the entire life span of the project. 

Sequanta is committed to ensuring patient safety and providing services with high-quality standards that meet all relevant regulatory requirements and contractual obligations. 


Sequanta has built a proprietary software platform that covers the entire continuum of the genomic enterprise from patient registration to return of results With decades of experience in clinical genomics, bioinformatics and data management.

Sequanta prides itself with expertise in clinical genomics, utmost quality of our services and great customer service. We work hand in hand with you to provide transparency in the process and ensure successful execution. Sequanta can support the CDx and IVD development efforts by providing the following services.

Let's Discuss Your Next Project.

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